Proactiv the Website

Since its creation in 1995, the Proactiv® brand has impressively brought its products to the public.

Marketed, licensed and distributed by Guthy-Renker, Proactiv® does a lot to keep itself in the forefront of consumers’ minds; from infomercials to social media, Proactiv® appears to have all grounds covered.

Proactive reviews take a look at Proactiv’s website, assessing the way in which it presents itself, and its products to the market.


On first viewing, the Proactiv® site looks fairly standard. Lots of copywriting classics extolling the virtues of the skincare product: “15 million customers can’t be wrong”, “Be Proactiv”, “Free bonuses: Face the Facts”. There are statistics demonstrating numerous, past satisfied customers, “84% said Proactiv® was effective in giving clearer skin”, “91% said Proactiv® leaves their skin feeling smooth.”

The website’s content certainly appears thorough, with the site containing a navigation bar that offers any Internet user a comprehensive overview of the available products. From the science behind what causes acne, to break out myths, there is a wealth of information to be read.

The frequently asked questions section is particularly extensive, with a range of questions on the products. You are left with the impression however that these “customer” questions are strictly vetted to strongly adhere to the company’s strategies. There is for example, a noticeable omission regarding the contentious Proactiv® issue of auto-billing.

The site’s tabs include: Home, About Proactiv®, Breakouts, Results, FAQs, Reviews, Star Spotlight, Products, and the imperative call to action ‘Order Now!’.

Depending on what country you are located in, in most cases, you will see a picture of your country’s respective Proactiv® spokesperson.

Locked out?

One of the first things those across the Atlantic might notice about the nature of Proactiv’s website, is the way it restricts Internet surfing to the US site, depending on the country you are located in elsewhere in the world.

If you are writing from London, England for example, and you navigate to search engine giant Google, and type in Proactiv, you are taken directly to the UK website, with no way of easily exploring the brand’s US equivalent site.

In addition, the function button that says you can ‘choose country’ on the Proactiv® site itself is even grayed out, prohibiting access to its American site. It seems strange that Proactiv® would actively discourage more extensive Internet roaming. You have to question the brand’s motivations for doing so.

Social media integration

Strangely, despite the effective linking together of Proactiv’s various Internet portals on its social media sites through various different widgets, there is a notable absence of social media buttons on the company website. You are encouraged to follow Proactiv® on Twitter, but there is no reference to Pinterest, YouTube or even Facebook.